Teeth whitening kiosk is considered a very good mall kiosk business ideas for first kiosk business. But for many startup , The first question is  How to start a teeth whitening kiosk in mall ?

In Mall kiosk business owner will mostly sell items in their kiosk. This is normally kiosk  what we called retail kiosk , To start a teeth whitening kiosk in mall is quite different . Because you are not selling any products, you are selling a service. When they’re not directly involved in selling, however, they’re researching market potential, pricing alternatives, product variety and new opportunities.

Today I will show you the steps to start a teeth whitening kiosk in mall.

Firstly, You need to decide to purchase or lease a kiosk . Many business  starter would like to purchase a existing business because its much more easier . if you want to start teeth whitening business by leasing a kiosk location in mall. pls continue  to read.

Secondly, Working with mall manger to get a location , and determine the size of the kiosk you want . For teeth whitening kiosk business ,you need to work out how many seats you want to put inside this kiosk . and which mall you want it going to install. Because all those thing will affect  you budget. make a full paper work of your budget and the size you need.

Thirdly . Get a kiosk manufacturer to build your teeth whiting kiosk . You can choose to build the kiosk in local or you can get a kiosk from over seas. such as Unique kiosk in China. Here you maybe have a question .Since I can buy a kiosk nearby. Why I have to buy a kiosk from so far away? The answer is also reduce the cost. In china same quality kiosk the cost is only 30% compare to local .Even include the shipping cost and other charges ,still can not make the half of buying from local. So many business starter would like to buy the kiosk from China.

Fourthly, Install the kiosk and buy equipment . Install the kiosk is very important . As we know , For all the  mall  they will do business in daytime and you are only allow to install the kiosk in night .So. you can not let the kiosk too difficult to install , If you buy the kiosk from local kiosk manufacture ,They usually provide installation  service. If from aboard ,you need a local contractor help you with it. However ,In Unique Kiosk  we have take all those matter into consideration .Our teeth whitening kiosk are build very easy to install . You can finish the kiosk installation in 2-3 hours.

Fifthly . Hire workers and start business ,if you are one of the worker will be much easier for you to success . If you are not involved in this business idea before, you need some more work to learn .like the service procedure or else.

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