What’s the most profitable business in mall ? Open a donuts kiosk will be a good ideas.  So what is a donuts kiosk ? first , lets  see some wonderful donuts designs.

Do you like those colorful food for your breakfast .Opening a doughnut shop is very reliable. Nowadays people like eating doughnuts very much. Many girls and children can’t resist doughnuts. They have a variety of styles, novel appearance and good-looking cartoon images. Girls and children can’t take steps when they see them. They work hard every day with a doughnut to reward themselves, release themselves and relieve pressure. This is the charm of doughnuts.

Let’s see some nice donuts kiosk design.

Many girls want to open their own doughnut shop at some stage of their lives for simple reasons, such as baking, eating doughnuts, not going to work, and so on.
Among them, when most people plan to start a business, the first thing they think about is not joining a doughnut brand with a mature business model, but creating a brand of doughnut by themselves.
I think the advantages of doing this are: you can choose a name that you think is very interesting, you can play your small creative personality at will, it seems more economical, and let others feel that you can mix up.
Ms. Ding in Zhejiang is one of them. One year ago, she went to learn how to make doughnuts. Then she took a nice name. A doughnut shop with Ms. Ding’s style is coming to the world.

In many places, doughnuts have branches, which are basically distributed in various streets. Now they seem to be comparatively popular in stores. The flow of people here is very large. The doughnuts are relatively popular. They are also comparatively convenient to open here. The decoration style can also help attract more customers. Therefore, doughnuts are also opened in stores. It’s very good, so it can effectively improve sales.

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