Hello friends! Nice to meet you here. Are you looking for a unique mobile phone store design? With the fast development of technology, we can do nothing without Internet, computer and phones. In the era of the Internet, we use phones to work, learn and entertain friends. So it’s a great time to open a mobile phone store.

For better match your store, I want to share a high-tech mobile phone store here. As it becomes more and more popular, I can’t wait to show it.

3D design show

mobile phone store

Description of mobile phone store

On the top is a big blue ceiling with many dome light. And there is a big reflector at the entrance. Besides, on the front of the store are two white display showcase. The left side is a big accessories wall with hand drawing decoration, next to it is a wall display stand and there are 4 mobiles on display with a big screan on the back wall. Near the left coner is sofa under the TV.

The back wall has a light Logo ‘O2’, and the cash register is also located here. Since there are tables and sofas in front of the cash register, people can seat on the sofa and experience what they like. The right wall used as sales window, and there are 3 light paint boxes for advertise, because it reminds people what’s the best selling products. The colorful painting with various shaped letters makes the store much different and it will impress customers. Usually, the phone store use tile to decorate the floor. Howerever, there are wood bar with different color for decoration.

computer accessories store

Phone shope design

Do you like this mobile phone store design? Will you choose it for your own store decoration? Do you want to add your own idea to the store? You are welcome to discuss more details with us, therefore our excellent design team can show the details in the 3D design.

And we will finish production in our worshop and take every details for you. And for better delivery, it will be package for several cartons. When you receive them, you should only assembly the kiosks and use it. It’s very easy and can be done by two people. Thank you for reading.

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