Hot sale coffee kiosk strong metal frame customize food booth

Nowadays, people like to start with a cup of coffee when they talk about something. More and more people like to meet friends and do business in the coffee shop. Busy white-collar workers in the city like cappuccino, from that cup of coffee, you can drink different levels of sweet and bitter.

Many people start a coffee business. This is a hot sale coffee kiosk strong metal frame customized food booth design we want to share with you. Let us have a look together at how it looks.



This is a coffee kiosk with a size 4x3m. You can see on the top has a big lighted logo and the ceiling is black metal frame with track lamp and some beautiful lights. On the front side is the food display area. It has two black glass display showcases. And some display shelves next to them. You can display many foods here. For example, cake, bread, cupcake and so on.


On the back side wall has the display shelves and storage cabinet. The material of this coffee kiosk use solid wood strip, metal and laminate, the basic material is plywood. Under the stainless steel toe kick has a warm white color led strip light, looks really attractive.


We will install a whole coffee kiosk in our factory. The workers will install the logo, lights, glass, all the accessories and wires sockets. After you check everything is good, we will pack it divided into a few parts. When you receive the packages, please open all of them and connect them together.

Please connect the male and female connectors together. Finally, please connect to your local power supply then the coffee kiosk will work.

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