Do you know what kind of coffee kiosk would attract more customers in a high-end mall or office building? If you have no clue, then the following coffee kiosk may be able to help you.

Choose the right style

The overall color plan of this coffee kiosk is different from the regular coffee color. Because it chooses a style of gray as the main tone.It is closer to the preferences of the coffee audience. Young people account for the majority of coffee drinkers. And modern young people prefer simple and beautiful decoration. This coffee kiosk can also make milk tea fruit tea series.So it is a multi-functional food kiosk. The kiosk  can place various operating equipment and materials for making milk tea coffee juice.Because the coffee kiosk has a large interior area.

Coffee kiosk Description

The side of the kiosk against the wall is covered with a false wall resembling tile. Consumers can order according to the price list on the wall.The coffee kiosk’ substrate is plywood.plywood has the characteristics of high hardness and is not easy to bend. The surrounding surface of the pavilion are generally veneers.And the operating table is made of artificial stone for easy cleaning. We can modify the color and shape of the veneer and artificial stone according to their own ideas.The design of this coffee kiosk includes a suspended ceiling. In the middle of the coffee kiosk add a suspended ceiling.A suspended ceiling added to the ceiling can increase the brightness of the working area. On the inner side of the ceiling supporting wall hung two light box paintings .Adding a touch of literary atmosphere. The outside can be affixed with their own logo and attributes.

more details

On the top of countertop can place Coffee-making equipment against the wall.There is a sink ready to be cleaned nearby.You can place the cash register equipment on counter .customers can be facilitate cashier transactions.There are some cups on the right side of the cash register so customers can distinguish the size of the cups.To the left of the cash register is a glass display case .We can place fresh fruit  for customers to view. The side console can be left empty for other use. Other less commonly used materials can be placed in the storage cabinet under the counter. In a word, if you are interested in this product, please contact us.

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