Dear all, thank you for visiting our website. Glad to know that you are going to open a retail kid’s toy shop in the mall. With the fast development of society, it’s a great idea to sell toys in the mall. As it can help you save cost and earn money. Because parents are very concerned about the growth of children, and will buy different toys for them to adapt to the growth of age. Now, I want to share a customized toy booth with you. Hope it can also help you a little.

Main introduction about toy kiosk

  • Color: Mixed color with green, pink, red, yellow, white
  • Size: 10ft ×10ft
  • Brand name: Unique Furniture
  • Function: Display showcase toys
  • Logo: Customer’s brand name & logo
  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: baking paint
  • Other mataerials: Light strip, light box logo, wooden floor, etc.

As we can seen in the picture, the kiosk include two parts. In one side, there is a display counter to showacase ragdoll toys. toy kiosk And there is a high stand to put brand logo and TV screan. While on another side is a hig wall shelves to place toys in orderly. On the back of the wall are big toys house and other goods to attracts kids. Children always like bright colors and always have a strong curiosity. So you need to purchase toys that attractive and suitable to improve sales. Do you like this toy kiosk design?

toy stand

toy cabinet toy kiosk

How to assembly the toy kiosk when you receive the goods?

When order  from Unique Furniture, we will make and assembly the toy kiosk well in our factory. And take photos and videos to show you the production details. Then we will connect the wires in our factoy to make sure everything works well. When you think everything is right, we can arrange the goods to you. Whne you receive it, you should put them together and use it. It’s very easy to complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us. Thank you

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