High-end flower display booth customize flower kiosk to New York

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and young consumers’ attention to the quality of life, the flower market has also ushered in the development opportunity.

Flowers have gradually become an embodiment of an elegant lifestyle from a gift. Especially the arrival of the annual Valentine’s Day, more hot around the flower market. Today we will guide you on how to open a flower kiosk and some business ideas for your reference.


Size: 12 x 8 ft or customize size.

Color: Gold stainless steel color, black color.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass.

Material: MDF with baking paint, stainless steel.

Logo: Not lighted stainless steel logo.

Others: Stainless steel toe kick, spotlight, downlight.



Our company can make a customize 3d design for you with the size and add your logo on the kiosk. For a customize 3d design, it will charge a 300USD design deposit. The design deposit is a small deposit of the total cost. When we finalize the final 3d design, we will quote the exact price to you. And the design deposit will be deduct from the total cost when you order a flower kiosk from our company.



This flower kiosk has many glass, so we will protect it carefully. We will use the foam to cover all the corner and the film to cover the whole unit. The whole flower kiosk not pack in a whole set. We will pack it divided into a few parts. After cover the whole unit, we will put it in a strong wooden box.

We can arrange the shipping for you. Usually we ship the flower kiosk to the port and then you pick it up at the port and arrange the delivery to your door to door address.



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