Lovely pink nail salon kiosk,all kinds of nail salon kiosk,it’s amazing how beautiful it is.

Hello, welcome to our website, please let me guess what are you doing,if you are a woman, I guess you are getting a manicure,if you are a man, I guess you are getting a manicure with your wife.we all seek beauty,hope we can become more beautiful,so we begin nail art,so that manicure business more and more popular,I think you aslo want to join it, if yes, let me introduce you a beautiful nail salon kiosk,I am sure you will like it

First,please allow me to show you some images about.

How beautiful it is! its color is a wispy powder with a white display,It gives people a warm felling,it is obvious that our workmanship is exquisite,we can see there is a beautiful image on it , most of all, there are many seats in it, so many customers can get maincures done at the same, it is very good.

let me tell you some basic information about it .

  • Place of origin:Guangdong, China 
  • Size: we can customize it according to your requirement
  • Main material: MDF
  • Color:pink, white, and we can custom-made for you
  • Design : 3d max and CAD drawings
  • Delivery : 15-18 work days
  • Prize: 9000-12000usd 

How to build a nail kiosk like this one ?

At first , you need contact and share your ideas to us . such as your shop size , your like color , your logo etc , then we can help you make a new unique design and put all of your ideas on it . you can submit the design for get the mall approve . if the mall manager have any question for the design , we can help you modify it . after get mall approve , we can work on the kiosk construction plan and start production this kiosk, usually build it about need 20 work days , We will take photos and update the progress during production . when we finished , we will assemble it and take photo or video for your check, then we will package and arrange shipment it to your port . if you need , we also can direct send this kiosk to your address .

Adout us:

one, we will give you the best service, we will give you good product.

two, if you have any question with our nail bar kiosk, tell us, we will try our best to solve your them.

three, we welcome to your messages at any time, and we will respond you at first time.

four, we will not deceive you, please trust us, we will let you satisfied our product.

At last, thanks for you brose,if you want to know more information, please contact us, hope you have a good time.





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