Golden color clothes store furniture for Men’s suit showcase ship to France

It ’s never too late to start a clothing business. With the development of the times, people’s dressing styles are more and more fashionable, and different occasions require different outfits. So everyone owns a lot of clothes and will buy more to make themselves more charming. The same is true for men ’s suits, which require different suits for meetings, parties dances. So we can open a clothing store at any time and start our business. Here is a new design about men’s suit showcase for your reference.

3D design about clothes store furniture

clothes store decoration men's suit showcase

We can see from the design, the basic tone of the store is golden, which makes us comfortable when enter the store. The whole store use warm white light for bright, and the combination of light and wood grain color cabinet gives a unique visual enjoyment. We can see the entire storefront display on the 3D design drawing. Suits of different colors are neatly arranged and waiting for customers to buy. In the cabinet facing the customer, the model wears a best-selling suit to show the effect to the customers. And there is a waiting sofa for companion to relax for a while. Do you like this store decoration?

More information

The man’s suit showcase could design and build suits for our store dimension. The color, style, material, etc will better match to store usage. That means we can decoration and purchase the furniture on our own idea. The shop kiosk include display area, storage cabinet, light, hidden cables, acrylic illuminate logo. If we want more display racks in our store, we can ask the designer add more in the 3D design to show us the effort. And production follow on the confirmed design drawing, so that we can get the right kiosk finally.

If you wants to know more information about clothes store decoration. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading.

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