Germany Macaron Display Showcase Food Retail Kiosk In Mall

Macaron, also known as macaron and almond buns. It is a French dessert made with egg whites. Almond flour, white sugar and frosting, usually filled with jam or cream between two cookies. Its outer skin is crisp and soft inside. Its origins can traced back to the 19th-century macaroons. After the dessert baked, it based on a round flat bottom shell, coated with mixed protein.

And finally added a hemispherical upper shell to form a small round dessert, showing a rich taste, is the French west Vie The most local cuisine of the province. This dim sum is also occasionally seen in the northeastern region of France. Taste the macaron with tea or coffee to experience the layer of macaron, soft and sticky.

The description of the macaron shopping mall kiosk:

This is a macaron kiosk we made for a customer from Germany. Their brand name is Mokis Food. And they mainly sell macaron food. The customer contacted us and interested in our food mall kiosk. And then he said he wants to make a macaron kiosk in the shopping mall to start his business. The customer paid 300$ design deposit to us and then we start to make the customize macaron kiosk food mall kiosk design for him. ( The kiosk 3d design we will charge 300$ design deposit, but it will deduct from the total cost when you order a kiosk ).

The size is 4x2m of this macaron food kiosk. The main color is a pink color and white color. If you want other colors, we can customize and change for you with your favorite colors. The material we use for this macaron mall kiosk is MDF with white color baking paint and pink color baking paint. With the 8mm tempered glass and lighted box, 3D Acrylic logo.

For the 3D design of the macaron food kiosk:

In the first step, the customer contact us and discuss the details about the kiosk.

We will make the 3D design for you after we receive 300USD design deposit.

Before we make the 3D design, we may need some information from the customer. Such as, logo, size, equipment list and so on.

We can discuss the layout and the requirement of the kiosk then we can make changes for the kiosk if you want.

Before we start the production, we will make a detailed construction drawing for your final confirmation. You may need these drawings to send to the mall for approval also.

How about the installation and the shipping?

For the installation of the macaron kiosk, you don’t need to worry. Because we will install the macaron kiosk in our factory. We will install the whole macaron kiosk and we will send the production pictures and videos to you after we finish the macaron kiosk. After you check all the details of the macaron kiosk all good, we will pack the whole kiosk divided into a few parts. After you receive the macaron kiosk, you just need to put the kiosk together and connect the male and female connectors to the shopping mall power supply. Finally, the macaron kiosk will go on.

And another question you will concern is the shipping of the macaron kiosk. Because we are located in Shenzhen, China. We do export so we will ship the food mall kiosk to you by sea or by air. If ship by sea, we can ship the kiosk to you to your nearest destination port. Or you can send us your detailed door to door address, we can arrange the shipping for you to the door to door address.

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