Hello dear my friends, welcome to our company website. Today I’d like to introduce a Fresh fruit juice kiosk 10 x 18 ft shopping mall food kiosk for sale to you. I believe many of my friends prefer to drink fresh fruit juices, especially Sydney juice and orange juice, because the fresh fruit juice is relatively high in nutrition, not only can supplement the vitamins we need, but also promote the intestinal tract. Digestion and whitening skin, etc., so it is good for everyone to drink some fresh fruit juice properly. Let’s take a look at the benefits of fresh fruit juice.

Fresh fruit juice is really good nutrition. After entering the human digestive system, the blood will alkaline, and the toxins accumulated in the cells. Such as lead, aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals and free radicals, will excreted from the body. Thus detoxifying and detoxifying and purifying the body. Fresh fruit juice has the effect of promoting digestion, increasing appetite, whitening skin, and losing weight. For patients, the elderly and infants, their gastrointestinal function is weak, gastrointestinal motility is slow, intestinal lactic acid bacteria are less. Food residues are difficult to digest in the gastrointestinal tract. And the lack of nutrients in the diet by drinking juice is very suitable.

Let us see the below 3d design drawing for the Fresh fruit juice kiosk 10 x 18 ft shopping mall food kiosk for sale:fresh fruit juice kiosk

When the juice is just squeezed out, the juice preserves the main nutrients in the fruit. But the vitamins are chemically unstable and will gradually decompose and lose their activity. Some traces of physiologically active substances will gradually lose or become weaker. In the same way as many fresh foods, the longer you save, the more nutrients you fall. The lighter the taste, the lighter the color, and the more flavor and natural pigments. Gradually reduce. Because fruits and vegetables have higher activity antioxidants and other ingredients.

How to start the 3d design for the fresh fruit juice kiosk:

At first, you can research on our company website and let us know your favorite design.

The design will charge 300USD for the design deposit but we will return to you when order.

We can change the design until you get the approval from the mall.

After you confirm the 3d design we will make the construction drawing for your final confirm.


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