Fashional optical eyewear store design with the glasses display stand 

Are you plan to start your own eyewear store? Are you still worried can’t find the best design? Unique as a direct manufacturer. We mainly work on the design and customize different types of the glasses display stand.

Same as the almost optical eyewear store, a good decoration style is very important. No need to make it so luxurious, simple and exquisite is enough. Here is a very popular eyewear store for your meet.

Simple optical store design

We can see the whole store mainly tone white, match some Light brown wood grain. It look very high-end and exquisite. The front part of the whole store is glass window and glass door. So that the customers can directly see the whole shop interior furniture. Here we choice put some mini display shelves. For display some new style glasses. So that can attract customers’ attention. 

Please see the left side picture, there are some curve shape display stand inside hidden the white color led strip lights. The white color showcase let the customer feel very comfortable. And a unique design of the reception desk in the front. 



Optical shop furniture description

At the back wall side, we choose to put some high wall display stand. For all the display showcase we will install the spotlights on the top and you can display the products on the glass shelves, looks very bright. You will notice there have the mirrors between two optical display showcase. And the below we have the cabinet for you to put storage. It’s a very nice design, very good for customers to try on and choose.

We can notice that there is a very attractive chair with wooden color. The customer can sit here to relax. Also, you will notice the whole shop selling with many spotlights and round shape decoration light strip. the whole store looks very delicate, very attractive.

You can see on the wall has many small wooden display shelves. Very attractive and unique. And the middle has two display stand can for display the products too. 

Also on the wall has the mirror, the mirror is very important for the customers. Because they have to try the products and see how it look. Meanwhile, on the wall we can put some lighted box to make some posters for decoration and advertising.

Our company is a professional customize store furniture factory. We can make a customize optical shop design with your shop size. Before we make the 3d model, we will discuss and arrange the layout. Our aim is to help you to start the business and make a unique shop design for you.

How to start a optical shop furniture?

Thanks for your time and reading, as a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customize different types of the jewelry display stand, jewelry showcase. If you plan to start your own optical store in the mall. First, position your project and identify the services you want to provide you need to try to find a good location in the mall.  

Of course, most shopping malls have basic requirements for the construction of a cabinet. That’s why you have to find a professional design team to help you design and get approval from the mall. After getting the mall approved. you can start this project produce and start this business.  

The package of the optical store display furniture:

We will pack the optical shop display furniture into a wooden box. The package is foam inside and wooden box outside. Our package is strong for the long-time shipment.

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