fancy boba smoothie kiosk bubble tea counter used in shopping center

No matter where we go, we usually see young people holding a cup of bubble tea or smoothie in their hands. Why? Why do so many people like to drink bubble tea?We all know that bubble tea originally originated in Taiwan, and now there are boba smoothie kiosk all over the world.People like boba tea mainly because the yummy taste,as a drink, it have many different taste, can add fruits,choloate etc,can meet different people taste and needs. Do a bubble tea business cost is small,just need a small kiosk,one or two stuff will be enough, and the materials cost is low,but price is high,so profit is big.Now instead of opening a bubble tea shop,many people will choose to open a small bubble tea counter,it just take little space.

well,if you also want to open a boba smoothie kiosk,here is a design idea:

this kiosk size is 5m by 3m on photo. it used bright lemon yellow,white and match some brown wood color.Back wall used some Mosaic tiles,whole kiosk looks beautiful and fashion. Near cash counter has a menu for customers easy to find the products on sale to select the taste they want.middle is ice cream display machine, right corner is a bubble tea cup.if you want to sell bubble tea,this design really a good idea.

Some details for you know this kiosk better

1.size:5m by 3m
2.materials:countertop used white stone,kiosk surface used whote,lemon yellow and brown laminate,Mosaic tiles
3.items included:the whole counter,sinks,illuminated logos,led lights,menus
4.production time:20-22 work days

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