Customized made modern phone store with display counter for sale

Hello friend,  welcome to our website. today the one i wanna share is a very modern phone store design for your meet.

Nowadays, phone service and related electronic products is more and more hot sale. Almost everyone has their own cell phone. Sometimes two phones are even used because of the demands of work. You will notice there have so many phone service provide in mall or commercial street. it can for mobile phone. phone accessories and phone repair service.

1.Phone store to show.

About this phone store, it can for selling mobile phone, phone case, headset, also provide phone repair service. the whole store mainly tone is beige wood grain .  match white and blue color, looks very nice.

phone store

In the middle of the whole store is some display stand and “U” shape display table.  it’s very nice to put the mobile phone model. beige wood grain color surface match a little white strip and light box. it’s very exquisite.

At the left side is some Chair for waiting area. the next to is two “U” shape table. the right side is some bar counter and high wall display shelves. match some poster.

We can see  the back area mainly for cashier and phone accessories display.  long reception desk at the back sides. around is some Aluminum groove plate display wall. it can for put many phone case and accessories.

phone store

2.More introduce.

  • Size: 100sqm.
  • Color: beige wood grain, blue and white.
  • Material: plywood. fire-proof plate. tempered glass.
  • Accessories: poster, light box. acrylic logo.
  • Usage: phone shop or shopping mall.

3.How to customized.

If you are interested to build a phone store like this.  contact us and share all of your ideas. ( such as the shop floor plan,you like color, style etc). we can help you customized and do a new floor plan. for the whole store make a 3d design. you can see all details on it. confirmed the 3d design and construction plan. then start production it.

Thanks for your time and reading.for more related information. please contact us here!

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