The coffee kiosk design

How to create a simple yet high-end u-shape coffee kiosk rest stop? This article will tell you how to design it.

The layout of this coffee kiosk design is build against the wall, with the back against the wall and a U-shape counter surrounding it to form a rectangular space. This U-shape counter is make of MDF with baking paint, and the countertop is black artificial stone. The surface of the counter made of MDF and painted is smooth and bright, and it is stain-resistant and easy to clean. The surface of the MDF counter is smooth and brightly painted, making it easy to clean and resistant to stains. This is important in a coffee kiosk where spills and messes are likely to occur. With the smooth and stain-resistant counter, it will be easy to maintain a clean and professional appearance.


On the counter, there is space to place various items necessary for operating a coffee kiosk. A coffee machine also can be place to brew delicious cups of coffee for customers. A cup storage box can be used to neatly organize and display the available cup options. A cash register can be place for easy payment transactions. Additionally, there can be space for napkins and other essential items. In addition, inside the U-shaped counter, a long counter is built to serve as a workbench. This workbench can include a sink for washing and cleaning, a preparation workbench for assembling drinks, as well as space for coffee tools and cups. Having this designated work area within the kiosk will help to streamline the coffee-making process and ensure that everything is organize and within easy reach.

Wall racks

What’s more, to make use of the wall space against the kiosk, wall racks can be installed. These racks can be use to hold coffee beans, sugar, and other materials needed for making and flavoring beverages. By utilizing the wall space, it allows for additional storage and creates a functional and efficient work environment. Above the wall racks, there is space to post menu posters. These posters can showcase the available coffee options and other items on the menu. By having the menu easily visible to customers, it allows them to quickly see and choose their desired items. Then this can help to expedite the ordering process and create a smooth and efficient customer experience.

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