Custom massage kiosk for America GGP mall

massage is very popular, it can let you relax, it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, also is very good for blood circulation, are your ideas to open a massage kiosk in the mall? it will is very cool.

Today I want to share one set massage kiosk, it is for GGP Tampa, America.  we direct make 2 sets the different size for the same one customer. the design is very high-end, let’s us see design picture.

in general, for massage kiosk design all are very open, because clients will sit down massage chairs and then staff will serve them , so massage kiosk also is very simple, as long as have a stand with massage chairs and then have a relaxing sofa area, cash counter, no need more counter, and then you can open this business.

but even so, we also need to design the massage kiosk is high-end and comfortable to get good feedback, that will let your business more benefits.

look at the above design, we add lines decoration on the kiosk side and then use a different color to separate, corner area we all made acr-corner, looks very fashion and high-end, the kiosk front and back respective has 2 TV to play massage videos. we also add floor, any entrance area we all make a bevel edge, whole kiosk design is very comfortable. do you like it?

if you are planning to open a massage kiosk in the mall, welcome contact us, we can custom kiosk based on our ideas.

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