Creative candy store fixtures ideas with colorful display rack design

Candy store is very popular service all around the world. It is not only for children, but also for girls. It is indispensable in many festivals and celebrations.

For alomost business man. start a candy store is very smart choose. it no need  so many experience. low cost can create high returns.

In this article the one i wanna share is a very creative candy store design. hope can give you some ideas.

Introduce more details of this candy store.

  • Size: 10x10m. it can customized based on your space size.
  • Color: white, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue and more.
  • Material: MDF, acrylic.
  • Accessories: light, acrylic box, poster, hardware.

When you saw this store first eyes. did you fall in love with it? the whole store is square shape. have two entrance door.   client can into from each side. so, there just have some high display stand Around the pillar. some Cartoon doll stand here. it’s very lovely and attractive, isn’t it?

There have a small cashier counter at the front part. is in “L” shape. there also have some display shelves at the front side.  it’s very good to display more candy.

In the middle of this store is some short display stand.  (double sides for display). a long square shape display counter with candy box. the below is some wooden cabinet for storage. round shape display stand with balloon decoration.

You will notice there also have a candy tree to decoration. at below is colorful wooden layer to display candy. at the top is some lollipop decoration. very beautiful.

At the back area is some high wall display cabinet. for the left sides counter, the  top part mainly for put different kinds of candy. have candy cup Kispensor and candy box. the next is someAluminum groove plate wall, match hook for display some Bags of candy.below is some drawers for storage.

For the right side is some high display wall with wooden shelves. it’s in pink and purple color. looks very nice.

Thanks for your time and reading. if you’re interested to start your candy store. or for more related information. please contact us here !

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