Ice cream kiosk Introduction

In the mall aisle, there is a dreamy ice cream kiosk. It is mainly white color tone, exudes a fresh and lovely breath, as if from a fairy tale out of the general.First of all, the white appearance of the pavilion gives a feeling of purity and simplicity. This white is not dull, but with a soft luster. Its whiteness makes it stand out in its surroundings and attracts the attention of passers-by.

The rainbow circle logo is a highlight of the kiosk. A rainbow shaped candy circle fix on the top of the pavilion, and the red and white staggered metal candy bars are like a gorgeous rainbow supporting the middle of the pavilion and the top. This rainbow circle sign seems to be a happy symbol, telling people that they can find delicious and pleasant here.The rose wheels add a unique touch of color to the entire kiosk. This vibrant and lively color is in sharp contrast to white, bringing visual impact. The rotation of the rose-red wheel seems to be a cheerful dance, which makes the pavilion full of movement and vitality.

More details about kiosk

Approaching this ice cream kiosk, you will be attracted by the design of the entire kiosk. The clean and tidy counter, with various flavors of ice cream, dazzled people. One side of the pavilion designed with a 2-frame storage shelf. There are also two hanging lights at the top of the pavilion to make the ice cream look more delicious.This lovely white ice cream stand with a rainbow circle logo and rose wheels is not just a place to sell ice cream, it is a place to bring people joy and memories. Both children and adults are attracting by its cuteness and energy.When the summer heat hits, people flock to the kiosk. They enjoyed the cool, delicious ice cream while enjoying the rainbow circle logo and rose-colored wheels. It has become an ideal place for people to quench their thirst and relax.

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