Coffee shop counter small cafe kiosk bread glass showcase

Almost people all over the world love to drink coffee. That is why no matter which country you are in, you can see many coffee shops in the street. If you also want to start a coffee business, how to start it? We will guide you on how to do it starting from a customized coffee kiosk.

This is a coffee shop counter small cafe kiosk bread glass showcase design. This is a good design for your reference if you want to open a small cafe shop.



This small coffee kiosk can put in the shopping mall or a small coffee shop both are okay. A small location for your staff to make coffee and has the cake display fridge and bread display showcase. The menu is on the back so the customer can see and choose the food.



We will use plywood as the basic material and the surface finish is laminate. The countertop of the coffee counter usually use man-made stone material. If the shopping mall has any special requirements about the material, please feel free to send it to us. We will use the material to fit their requirements and good quality.


Our company can provide a customized 3d design for you. We have our own design team and provide professional 3d design and CAD construction drawings. Please kindly send us the information about the coffee counter.

For a customized 3d design, our company will charge a design deposit before we make the 3d design for you. If you only need to design a coffee kiosk, it will charge a 300 USD design deposit. If you need to design a whole coffee shop, the design deposit is 500-800 USD.



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