Children’s Shoes Shop Display Stand Customized Interior Store Design

Food, clothing, housing and transportation are essential for everyone, and shoes occupy a very important position. Some clothing stores and shoe shops are very hot. Many people have taken a fancy to this market and want to open a shoe store. However, competition among peers is also fierce. Whether it is marketing methods or decoration styles, businesses are constantly competing. So how to open a unique style of shoe store decoration design?

The product features of the shoe store:

Many people have great requirements for shoes. Before opening a store, we must first understand the dress style that the target group likes. The shoes sold in the store must be unique and meet the consumer’s perspective. In addition to the unique perspective of the business, the psychology of consumers must also be analyzed. It’s not just a big brand of shoes. Since you want to open a unique shoe store, the style of the product must be unique.

The decoration style of the shoe store:

The streets and alleys are full of shoe shops, but you will find that many shoe shops have the same decoration style, and customers have already experienced visual fatigue. If you want to create a unique and personalized shoe store, a unique decoration style is essential. We can decorate according to the decoration method that the target group likes when decorating, or we can decorate by the characteristics of the shoes sold so that customers can produce The desire to enter the store.

Space effect of shoe store decoration:

There are large and small shop spaces. The overall decoration design must have a good grasp of the space, and make the most reasonable design layout in a limited space. It is recommended to design several more plans during the decoration so that there are more choices. The design must be tailored to the customer, and the design is people-oriented so that the commercial space can achieve the greatest effect.

The display cabinet design for shoe store:

If you want customers to better choose the products they want, then the requirements for the display cabinets or display racks of the shoe store are very high. When we design shoe store display cabinets, we must consider whether you can display your products and specific functions well.

The lighting design of shoe store:

Lighting is extremely important in interior design. Through lighting, products can show better results. Therefore, when we design, the lighting and the shoe rack should be reasonably matched. The shoe rack should not appear dark, and the light should not be too bright. Too bright is not good for the eyes.

The decoration design of this shoe store is very special. The irregular shape showcase design makes the whole store look less monotonous. The display cabinet uses wood shelves display. This is the most commonly used display method in shoe stores. The material of the shoe display showcase all use MDF with baking paint. Because one of the advantages of MDF is it can use to make many shape showcase. The surface finish is white color baking paint, yellow color baking paint and brown color baking paint.

Our design team can customize a new shoe shop for you. Just need to send the floor plan of your shoe shop and your requirements. Then we can make the 3d design for you. The store 3d design we will charge 500-800USD design deposit. But this design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order the shop furniture. You may worry about if the price too high then you cannot afford it? Please don’t worry, because we are a direct factory, not a trading company. So our price is very competitive than other companies. Please contact us to get some quotes for the shoe store display furniture, thank you.

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