Bubble tea kiosk manufacturer newly designed mall used beverage kiosk for sale.

This is a very nice bubble tea kiosk design , Because most of the beverage kiosk are share the same character ,So this kiosk design can also used to juice bar or tea service.

The size of this kiosk is 4*3 meter .

This bubble tea kiosk price is 6900 USD. Since we doing customize kiosk . if the size is different , the price will be change along with it.

Detailed information about our juice tea kiosk.

1). Body: Plywood+fire-proof plate(HPL). Plywood is very well-knit,has a strong bearing
capability,and it is waterproof,can use for a long time. HPL is a kind of special
surface finish material,to protect from fire and assure safety.

2). Countertop:High quality man-made stone countertop ensures good usage experiences.
It looks very beautiful, easy to clean, also of good chemical stability.

3). Cabinets and drawers:Normally, under the counter top, there are many cabinets for stuff
storage.For resisting moisture, inside the cabinet it decorated with HPL. Hinge and trackers are equipped. We also can put machine in it

4). machines or equipment: make a good placement,better with detailed size.

5). Advertising equipment painting light boxes:The poster inside the boxes can be changed
as you like. And it is easy to operate, achieve wonderful light effect.

6). Bottom protection- toe kick:The part is for kick or crash preventing, good for bottom
protection. We usually use stainless steel to make toe kick

7). Acrylic Logo: Its shape can be customized as your logo. When power on, it can be
illuminated. Its color also can be customized.

8). Complete electric circuit:The concerned electric equipment is certificated by CE and UL.

9). Light decoration: Normally some parts of the kiosks can be decorated with lights/LED,
like kicking. If the kiosk has a roof,we can install spot lights on it.

10). Position for Cashier installation:For better using experience, for each kiosks, we will
spare a fixed position for cashier register installation. As to its shape and size, both
can be customized.

This bubblte kiosk is an integrated, first class quality station with making and displaying Corn in the shopping center.

* Modern design, attractive for customer
* Integrated food kiosk with working desk, water system, display area, payment counter, advertising, etc.

* Efficient production, keep delivery date normally 15 working days
* Easy to install with guidance

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