Beverage drinks have become very important in the recent world. Especially juice and tea kiosks, it is known as healthy drinks in the world. If you are going to open a juice tea kiosk, I am sure that you can earn more money. Today, I want to share a nice tea kiosk with you.

Description About juice tea kiosk:


The main color of the juice tea kiosk is green, gives people a feeling of fresh and natural. The circled kiosk counter looks elegant and unique. There is a large glass showcase, clients can choose their favorite taste directly. There is a double countertop on the counter, people can pick up drinks from the top counter. While the working counter in the middle is to prepare juice and tea. On the bottom are locked cabinets for storage. Brand logo and posters put on the top ceiling, clients can view it from far away. Do you like this round shape juice tea kiosk design?

3D design show

juice kiosk design juice stand juice kiosk

Materials show:

Most of the food kiosks use plywood as the basic material. Because it is waterproof and strong to use. However, for this round shape kiosk, we should use MDF to build it. As MDF is easy to make different styles and shapes. The surface material is baking paint, which high light your juice tea kiosk and attracts more customers. Please don’t forget to put the brand logo on the counter body face to clients. In this case, people can see you from far away. The Stone countertop makes the shop luxury and attractive. The acrylic logo and 3D luminous logo are the popular sign style. Other materials include light strip, frame, stainless steel kicking, and hardware.

Equipment needed in juice tea kiosk

What is different from drinking juice by ourselves is that we need to buy professional machinery and equipment. Rather than just buying a small juicer, put the washed fruit in the machine, and then press the power to make your own juice.

To open a juice store, these equipment are essential. Usually, you need to prepare a juice machine, ice crusher, water dispenser, freezer, fruit preservation display cabinet, disinfection equipment, commercial mixer, commercial ice maker, electronic scale, cash register, receipt machine, stainless steel console. Other miscellaneous items mainly include fruit knives, cutting boards, snow grams jars, ounce cups, kitchen scales, serving bowls, ice boxes, carving knives, champagne buckets, measuring cups, scissors, etc.

For consumers to drink fresh juice, it can be sold continuously throughout the year. To buy this equipment, you also need to have precise production technology, easy to learn, you can learn all the technology within 7 days, zero experience can make you easily become a boss. To ensure the quality and safety of the product, it is best to choose a formal machine factory to purchase and select the appropriate equipment.

Common questions about juice tea kiosk

— How to get my juice kiosk?
— We should first make a 3D design to show you the juice kiosk decoration. Then production follows on the confirmed design, you can get your own kiosk shop
— What should I do if you don’t meet my idea?
— Please don’t worry about it. You can first tell us your requirements for juice tea kiosk, such as size, color, layout, etc. Our designer makes the design according to the description, so you can get the correct kiosk design.
— Do you deliver the goods to my country?
— Yes, we do. Just tell us which port is near you, we can send the juice tea kiosk to you. Our main markets are the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Switzerland, Spain, etc.
— How long does it take to manufacture the mall kiosk?
— It takes about 22-25 working days to manufacture. Please leave more time to get mall approval and ship the kiosk to your country.

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