Attractive cookies display kiosk used in the mall

sweets and cookies almost are all people love, special kids and young people super like eating cookies, include me, dear friends, if you are looking for cookies display kiosk used in the mall, found unique furniture company is very right, today lets me share a style elegant cookies display kiosk for you.

attractive cookies display kiosk

first sight, I believe you will is attracted by this elegant color, cream color match light pink, let people feel very warm and comfortable, I think this kind color match is very suitable to sell sweets. exactly customers logo also is with pink and light green, the whole feeling is very matched.

the kiosk is with an arc shape, not square, so you will feel it is high-end and fashionable.

front body of kiosk we stick some cute pattern looks very fancy, Countertop put glass display shelves to display cookies, leave some space for check-in, another one side also put some pans to display sweets, back counter, you can put some machines.

maybe you though kiosk no sink, in fact, we made an under-counter hide sink.

thanks for your time, if you are looking for mall sweets or cookies display kiosk, come join us, we can customize the new design for you.














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