Bule match gold cell phone repair kiosk, green with gold cell phone kiosk.

Another beautiful day!I was in a good mood,believe you are also.In terms of current trends,almost everyone has a cell phone,but more or less, there will be problems with our phones,or we want to make our phones better,in this case, we had to go to the phone repair shop, if you are in the phone repair bussiness, that’s good,believe you  business is thriving, so do you want to revonate the store to make your business better,if yes, I can give you a kiosk for reference,hope you will take it into consideration.

Let’s look at the pictures first.

How about it?It really beautiful, we can see, it has different colors, we also can make it according to your remand , it is a zigzag shape, each counter has two sides, very affordable, the mesa is suya bai,the cashier is white too, in fact, all colors can up to you. its design very easy but attractive, believe it can take you many customers.

Ok,let us look more images of  it.

Then let us learn its basic information.

  • item name : mobile phone mall repair kiosk
  • material : MDF with glossy baking paint 
  • color : customized
  • logo : customized
  • application : shopping center 
  • usuage : display phone accessories 
  • size : custom-nade for you
  • package : inside foam and outside wooden cases 
  • build time : 20-25 working days after payment 
  • shipping : depends on which port 
  • payment : wire transfer or western union

How is the payment?

After we confirm the order you should arrange the 50% deposit advance and then we start arranging production. But be sure that we only start production after receive deposit money so the earlier payment the earlier production. We accept payment through T/T,Paypal,Western Union and Money Gram. Please kindly check the account information we provide before you arrange the payment. Please provide us the T/T SLIP or Payment Notification to us for reference.

How to know the production process?

Our people always keep their eyes on the order and we take pictures everyday so it is a daily record for your order. If you want to know your order production details you can ask photos from our people and we work 24 hours for you.

 welcome your inquiry, at the same time, thanks for your browse, if you want to know more information, please contact me, I am looking forward to your inquiry.have a good time.

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