Coffee kiosk design

In the bustling center of the shopping mall, a cup of hot coffee after shopping can relieve fatigue and refresh your mind. This coffee kiosk is very suitable for placing in the mall, both beautiful and practical. The main colors of this coffee kiosk are brown and white, with a roof as a ceiling, where the lights and chandeliers are installed to illuminate the interior and products of the kiosk. The front of the coffee kiosk is a Z-shaped counter, one side is the cash register, one side is below the three light boxes, the product poster into the light box, can be very conspicuous attention to the main products sold in the kiosk. Above is a clear refrigerator and 4 coffee extractors. The transparent glass fence can prevent the machine from falling and display the product.

Next to the kiosk as a seating area, the same transparent glass is placed on the inside, its role is also to prevent the customer’s things from falling, but also to prevent when we do the product, coffee will not spill on the customer. A sink is set up in the innermost counter of the kiosk, and other machines are placed on the table. We can make cabinets with drawers or lockers, which are convenient for storing coffee beans or other food. At the back of our kiosk is a backboard on which we can attach our menu items so that customers can browse and place orders directly.

Materials and others

The coffee kiosk mainly is use plywood with laminated, and the tempered glass. And We also can add the logo into the kiosk. The logo can choose 3d lighted logo and hollow out logo. The kiosk include light boxes, spotlights, chandeliers etc.


We are custom factory, and have professional design team. We can make 3d design first, you can tell us your requirements. Such as size, colors, style etc. If you have own logo, we can put it into the design, so that you can see the overall effect. If you interesting in this coffee kiosk design, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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