Ice cream kiosk design

Today we are introducing a new design of a small strawberry ice cream kiosk. This design is very unique and eye-catching. The highlight of this ice cream booth is the top and surrounding design. The top is surround by four arc-shape logos. Each arc-shaped logo has a strawberry logo and a three-dimensional logo. Their composition makes the ice cream booth is even more beautiful.

The details

There is also a menu board hanging on the top so that customers can see the menu and place orders by looking up. The ice cream booth looks like both a square and a circle as a whole, and the cabinets are all curved. In each corner of the booth, there is a glass display cylinder, and some ice cream molds or other decorations are placed inside to make the ice cream kiosk more conspicuous. The surface of the ice cream kiosk is a melted ice cream liquid model. In the shopping mall, such a unique ice cream booth will definitely stand out among the many kiosks. On the countertop of the ice cream booth, ice cream ingredients tables are made on both sides. Customers can see all the flavors clearly and choose their favorite flavor from the ingredients table.

In addition, the counters on both sides can place ice cream-related food, etc. We can also design one side of the counter as a seating area, where customers can taste and rest, and the other side can do ice cream rolls or drinks. Various sales methods can increase income. Inside the ice cream kiosk, some counters have drawers on top and double-door storage cabinets on the bottom, so that space can be use rationally.


This ice cream booth use MDF with baking paint. We’re custom factory, and can custom the new design according to your requirements. Such as size, colors, style etc. If you are interesting in this design or other design, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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