This is a smaller size teeth whitening kiosk in mall used for indoor. As a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China. we customize all types of mall used service kiosk ,salon kiosk and retail kiosk.

The body of the kiosk is build with MDF in white baking painting finish.  with a lot of blue color LED light involved.

Since this is a small size service kiosk , the design must be unique and attractive.  This teeth whitening kiosk has a great advantage in design.  semi private work space will be great for customers.  Similar with eyebrow threading kiosk in mall , Teeth whitening business is also a typical service salon business.  But this design add some product display showcase on the service area. that a great try.

Unique Kiosk can customize mall used teeth whitening kiosk . no matter what size you have , we can design and build a nice looking kiosk for you , contact us for more design options.

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