wax hand kiosk

People in their whole life have many excellent moments that are worthy of commemoration. They will adopt something to conserve them, such as taking photos, writing their story in a diary and so on. For lovers or kids, it is worth making a ceramic fingerprint. Therefore, there is a creative idea to start a wax hands business, and for all I know, there is a pot of gold to be found and today I want to introduce a wax hand kiosk to you.

The detail of this wax hand kiosk



Color: Yellow,Red,Wooden color

Main material: MDF with baking paint

Surface material: Baking paint

Function: Making  wax hand

Design idea: Meet customers’ requirements

Design time: 3-7 working days

Production time: 25-28 days


According to the picture, the exterior shape of this kiosk is like a house, which looks more innovative and will attract people’s attention blowing their minds. About the interior view, it includes two wooden displays which are durable and have strong bearing force. So, you can feel free from anxiety to put some delicate product or something you need. Though having a certain weight, they are able to bear wax hand force. Also, there are some stainless boxes which can store the wax hand material and customers can dip their hands into wax.

There is a bar counter which can put the wax hands and dry it in shape. Also, you can show your satisfied work to attract people. When your customer feels tired, you are supposed to provide the chair with them in front of the bar counter. In the meantime, they have a place to appreciate your work.

It has three roll-up windows which are easy to open,and people can see your product through the window.



The main colors of wax hand kiosk are wooden, yellow and red. Its integral looks simpler without bells and whistles. In general, these colors are fresh. We all agree that the fresh color always makes people feel relaxed and energetic. And these colors of the kiosk are up to stand.


The size of this kiosk is 2.5M*2.5M*3M.This length suits 2-3 customers making their hand wax mold in the meantime. They will not feel too crowded to make. Moreover, the height of the front window is 1 meter, which is comfortable for customers to dip their hands into wax without bending difficultly.


We can get knowledge of pictures that mainly use the wooden strip as the key material. For this outdoor kiosk, the type of wooden is MDF with laminate. Its surface is flat and smooth, and has excellent machining performance.Therefore,  its service life will be greatly increased.

How to Design

Our company —Myidea is dedicated to customizing kiosk or shops. So, if you have your new idea about our product, we could design and customize the unique one for you. We need you to do a 3D design to check the detailed information. You can send us your own brand logo, and then we will put it on the kiosk. Because the location size of each customer and the logo are different. That is why we need to customize the 3d design.

For the customize 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will deduct from the total cost when you order.

We will send the 3d design of the watch kiosk to you within 3-5 working days. And then, if you check and need any change, we can change it for you.

This is our website:https://www.mykioskey.com/

(pls feel free to contact us ,we are pleased to help you)

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