10ft×10ft mixed decoration unique design T shirt kiosk for sale

Hello friends, may you have a nice holiday. Now it’s time to open our own business and earn more money. Are you looking for customized T-shirt kiosk? Do you prefer a special kiosk style to attracts more customers? Would you plan to expand your business and open more shops in the mall? Today, there is a very unique design T-shirt kiosk sharing with you.

As for a professional mall kiosk supplier, we strongly recommend to choose this one as the basic style. Because it is not only with high quality, but also looks beautiful. Besides, people can purchase the stylish one quickly. Let’s learn more about this T-shirt kiosk together.

We can see in the design, the whole kiosk  use black and red as the main color. As we all know red is a warning color and people can figure our us at the first time. Next, there are many small squired photos for decoration, it’s complex  but good match to the theme and products. Do you like these colors? There are some high stand face to customers, we can put logos and advertise here to attracts more customers. If we add some hooks to the stand, they can also use as display racks, which can make full use of the space. There are also many locked cabinets to restore all size of T-shirts to meet customers’ demands.

T-shirt kiosk

More information

  1. Main Material: Plywood
  2. Surface: Laminate, wood veneer countertop
  3. Other materials: Pictures, stainless steel, 3D acrylic logo, light strip and so on.
  4. Size: 10ft×10ft
  5. Color: Black and Red

The color, size, style and materials should be follow your requirements. If your mall has special regulations, please let us know in advance. And the design should be based on your own idea. And production also follow the design we finally confirmed. So please check the design drawings carefully to make sure it’s the right one you want. When production, it can’t change anymore.

We are glad to share more information with you. Whenever you have any interest, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We are online and ready to help. Thank you for reading.

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