Nowadays. more and more different types of pharmacy store are springing up. it mainly located in a shopping center or own store. 

are you plan to start your own pharmacy shop? are you still worried can’t find a special pharmacy shop design? Unique kiosk as a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail store and display fixtures for more than ten years. 

If you’re interested to start your own pharmacy store, it’s very necessary to see more details here.

Like this pharmacy shop you see, the total size is about 80sqm, is very fashional and Modern. at the front part is a big entrance door and showcase windows. guest can directly see them.

At the whole store, left and right sides is a row display stand,  is 2.4m height. with wooden display plate.  at the top part install spotlight. in the middle is sone double sides display stand. with display shelves and Aluminum groove plate display. 

On the back sides are a big reception desk and a single reception room.with two seats for waiting. You will notice the right corner also have a small room, there some have some display shelves and a cabinet for storage. do you like the whole pharmacy store layout?


As we see the whole pharmacy store mainly tone is blue and white, so we also use white as the store floor and ceiling. looks very modern and comfortable. 

Basic information about this pharmacy shop: 

  • Size: 80sqm.
  • Color:  blue, white.
  • Material:  MDF. 
  • Service: medicine, health products.
  • Accessories: spotlight, acrylic letter.
  • Price: 17000usd( 100%customized and high quality)


Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your business. if you’re interested to start your own pharmacy shop. or more related design information, please directly contact us here, welcome inquiry! 

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