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Jewelry shop interior design with shop furniture and display showcase for sale

When you starting a jewelry retail business . You need a reliable store fixtures manufacturer help you equip your shop with great design shop furniture . In fact jewelry shop furniture are quite different from other retail store fixtures. As we know , Jewelry is a luxury products. No need a lot of traffic every day. People most buy a gift or  jewels on special anniversary or birthday to when young are in dating.  So a nice design and luxury circumstance jewelry shop design is a must.

Jewelry Shop Furniture For Sale

Unique Kiosk has been design and build jewelry shop furniture for over 20 years and we start to exporting  jewellery store fixtures since 2002.  We provide best jewelry interior design with high quality finished jewelry cased for sale.  No matter back cabinet again wall or lower island counter cabinet even cash wrap we will spend detailed effort on it. We do our best to ensure customer a high level , unique but affordable jewelry display furniture.

What are jewelry store furniture for ?

Most of  jewelry display furniture are used for indoor shop ,franchise store, jewelry showroom or personal  space. To classify form function .Jewelry display can be divide into wall cabinet and front counter.

Wall cabinet are higher cabinet against wall . Some will be decoration while  other are used for display. You can make some display shelves and rack in wall cabinet . Or design a niche  for some special jewelry display.  Most of the wall cabinet are used for adverting with jewelry display.

Front counter are display case we know as retail counter. Most sale are finish here. So jewelry display showcase and display counter must be design lockable .some of  cabinet even use bullet proof glass for safety consideration.  To get a clear view of jewelry for customer . Professional  furniture manufacturer will suggest a ultra white tempered glass which has no green color in it.

The LED light using in jewelry display fixtures are also daintily. Different products display must use corresponding light temperature. For example. Gold display showcase better use warm color while silvery products are prefer cold white color.  On jewelry wall display cabinet spot light will be more attractive And we usually used Led stripe light in jewelry counter bottom or adverting poster.

Jewelry display is not a ordinary retail store.  It’s a high level shop furniture with elegant design for minorities . If you are looking for a retail store fixtures with display shelves or display racks. You can visit >>>(Store Fixtures)

Unique Kiosk is a professional display manufacturer for all your jewelry displays, jewelry shop furniture, jewelry showcases, and jewelers store supplies. We have the largest selection of jewelry displays cases and wall cabinets online with over modern and unique displays including ring displays cases, necklace displays counters and necklace retail stands.

Unique Jewelry Display For Sale

We offer fully jewelry store interior design, showroom design, and business center building. Beside jewelry shop design, we also supply retail store bracelet displays, earring displays as well as earring stands. Furthermore, We custom fashion retail fixtures For other luxury retail display solution such as watch cases and free-standing jewelry displays, pedestal stands counter, showcase table, and metal display racks, acrylic jewelry displays for sale.

To Make your jewelry display easier and perfect, Unique Custom fully jewelry store display in a user-friendly design help you to increase sales and improve customer experience. We supply an extensive collection of jewelry showcase & cabinets, earring displays stand, gold jewelry counters and jewelry retail shop supplies, Contact our team and get your finest jewelry store build in a professional way.

No matter you are running a gold store, slivery store, diamond store or luxury trade shop. We will have accommodated high-end jewelry displays fixtures for you. Our earring displays trays & racks, bar jewelry displays, functional busts will help you furnish your jewelry store more beautiful, we have all the custom display furniture you need to display your jewelry in an appealing and beautiful way and help you increase more sales.

Jewelry Display cases, stands, cabinets & retail store supply

We offer a large variety of jewelry merchandising options as but not limited to below:

Jewelry Display Showcase:  for showing different types of jewelry at standard jewelry cases counter.

Earring Displays stands: Different material made used to display earrings in the finest way. and Keeping your jewelry organized is an important part of displaying your products

Stainless Steel Jewelry Display Cases: Most of the Cartier Jewelry showcase design are build with #304 stainless steel in the electronic plating finish.  Those showcases are an elegant design and high standard finished. suitable for the best luxury jewelry store. Of course, the cost is higher than the other types.

Wall jewelry display: All the jewelry store will need wall displays cabinets. A jewelry wall display usually displays a cabinet that builds again a wall to display multi jewelry.

Jewelry Trays: special jewelry retail display stand perfect for displaying smaller items such as rings, charms, etc.

Necklace Busts: Use to display special jewelry or attract the consumer to a particular necklace.

Ring Displayers: well-designed ring trays and ring inserts display cases and display items.

Free Standing Counter: Used in the middle of the jewelry store to display the best of the best jewelry. Usually, those display counters are built with free legs to stand on itself.

Slatwall Jewelry Displays: Wall displays racks and cabinet for small hanging jewelry displays.

Standard Jewelry Showcases – We offer high-quality classic jewelry showcases with modern showcase design for sale. Those types of the showcase are also known as block showcases.  From wooden display showcase to stainless steel jewelry display showcase, We have large kinds of models available. Among those most popular and welcoming styles, these standard showcases are providing a sleek, clean space to make the jewelry displayed in a luxury and visually compelling way.

Furthermore, These classic standard jewelry store showcases are build in a modular way And equipped with drawers and shelves on the backside for convenient storage. Those counter showcase can easily be placed right next to each other to create a continuous, seamless look in retail shop reservations, Such as jewelry kiosk in mall, jewelry shop-in-shop business stall.

Jewelry Pedestals – Pedestal jewelry display showcase is a different way of cases for sale. It can be called a variant of standard jewelry counter. The manufacturing procedure of  Pedestal showcases is very similar to classic showcase ideas. But the height of pedestal showcases is quite different from it.  Usually, a jewelry pedestal showcase has a display area that is typically wider than the bottom part of the stands. The bottom part of the showcase will be used for storage while the upper part builds with tempered glass with led light around the top.  Some pedestal showcase models even have two pedestals to give out a new design option.

Full Vision Jewelry display showcases – Fully vision showcase is another different model of a jewelry display cabinet. The full vision showcases create unique construction method for glass to glass together without any metal or wood frame. This design is meant to minimize visual obstruction. So, full vision showcase can also be called a frameless jewelry showcase. It creates an aesthetic vision that is both clean and functional. Those frameless showcases usually have a small base which is a good option for a broad range of merchandise jewelry and luxuries.

Queen Ann Jewelry Cases – For higher grade jewelry display requirements, you will need a Queen Ann style jewelry display solutions.  Queen Anne-style showcases are the perfect option for higher-end jewelry retailers and modern jewelry stores supplies. Why Queen Ann jewelry Showcase is so popular? Usually, those jewelry showcases are designed and built With classic elements of traditional Queen Anne European style, including novel cabriole Queen Ann supporting legs with well-designed wooden top displays. The luxury Queen Ann jewelry display cases are an excellent way to display high-end products and furnish flair way to your jewelry retail store.

Customized Jewelry Cases – We all know that every retailer has different display requirements. Different jewelry store need a customized jewelry display cases. From wall display shelves to free-standing jewelry display case. Each jewelry shop will need a Unique display fixture. That’s why Unique Kiosk offer a huge range of modern customized showcases and cabinets to accommodate different retail store’s special unique layout.

For example, we design and custom jewelry wall cabinet according to the existing wall line; and offer freestanding display cases that can be customized in octagonal, square, or rectangular shapes; If you need a tower cased or window display showcase,  we can also customized it for you. In order to enhancing customer experience, we custom brand cultured store fixtures to satisfy different shops.

With so many jewelry retail showcases ideas available in so many different jewelry counter sizes and display cabinets styles design, In Unique, you are bound to find the best and perfect jewelry display case to meet your jewelry sore and jewelry showroom display needs.

Materials & Aaccessories of Jewelry Display Cases: showcase material jewelry display material

Lighting – Lights are very important parts of any jewelry showcase & retail store fixtures, In order to make the customer can easily see and find the right products, you need to ensure that the commodity is displayed in a well-illuminated lighting atmosphere. A well lighted Luxury Jewelry is perceived to be more attractive and more important. Some special diamonds you may need some special spotlights to give a focus display. There are warm or cool lighting used in different Jewelry cases. Gold is favorite more warm or pure white light temperature while silvery or diamond is better for cooling color.

Due to the different part of the display fixtures, There is a large range of lighting options, Such as led tripe light, spotlights, halogen lights, etc; However, Because of  led lights are cheaper do not give off too much heat, Most of the jewelry cabinets are most commonly light up by these fluorescent led lights . If you have special and valuable jewelry to show a good view, The warm halogen spotlighting is an excellent way to make jewelry more sparkle and outstanding.

Glass –  Glass is another important material used in building a jewelry store fixtures or showcase counter.  There is tempered glass(safety glass), Ultra white glass, glued laminated glass (bulletproof glass), etc can be used in a jewelry display. Usually, Only some higher level jewelry store will require an ultra white glass to give a good transmittance; So customer can easily find the real color the finest jewels.  While some outdoor jewelry store or bank will require a laminated glass to be more safety. 

Locks – Locks is another way to keep your jewels safe, Every jewelry display cases should install a high-quality lock system to ensure that your merchandise is secure. Nowadays, More and more vendors choose to use digital locks on jewelry display counters. In fact, there are  Various locks can be installed in display counters, Choose the best one that suits your needs is the key.

Finishes – Different displays have a different finish method. From laminate or 2pac to solid surface finish.  Retail display showcases will be manufactured in a varies way to match the modern design and aesthetic of your jewelry retail store. If you are a unique jewelry store, classic wood grain or wood veneer will be a good idea. If you have a multi-display jewelry store, Stainless steel in electronic plating is perfect for it. Lamanite, painting and ACP finishes are a more economical way to finish a secondary level jewelry shop.

Unique Custom Fully Set  Jewelry Store Decor Needs

Unique is a leading commercial display fixtures supplier. We custom design and build high-end display cases, cabinets, counter, wall stands for the jewely store, private showroom, and trade center.  Our team is committed to meeting any of your jewelry showcase requirements. no matter which design style of showcase or surface finishes you need, we will carry out a satisfying display shopfitting for you.

All of our jewelry showcases and wall cabinets come fully assembled , when you receive it just needs to put them together in the right location can start the business. It requires little to no maintenance. We provide high quality and affordable cost jewelry display solution to ensure that all of your customized needs are met.

Jewelry Display Cases & Retail Glass Showcases and Accessories

Besides the fine jewelry display cases, we also have retail jewelry store stands, jewelry store wall shelving, jewelry store niche display, and countertop jewelry display cases, etc, You can find ideal displays at

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