How to start a jewelry store?

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Nowadays, the jewelry industry is the Latest fashion trends. There are very large consumer groups. I had to say start a jewelry store is a very excellent choice. if you’re an experienced jeweler. but if you’re a new one, how to start a jewelry store? This is a very tricky problem for many entrepreneurs.

Here are some points about how to start a jewelry store, if you’re interested to start your own jewelry store, it’s necessary to see more details here.


The important thing is to do a detailed plan for the whole project. such as the budget, the scale, opening date and more. also, need to check if there have any quality certification or The government audit.


Before you start this jewelry store, you must became an experienced jeweler. Accumulate sales experience. you can Take some professional training. or try do a part-time job on a jewelry store. This is conducive to the accumulation of more experience, learning from each other, conducive to the development of business .


You can try to find a location in the mall or street. no need to make it so bigger, try to make the lease fit your budget. must keep it enough Prosperous, have enough guest source. for many initial entrepreneurs, they will choose to start his jewelry business from a mall jewelry kiosk. is in small size. such as 3nm by 3m, 4m by 4m, 5m by 3m. It’s very effective in reducing rental costs.


After you get the shop lease, there will have a floor plan. it’s very easy to see the whole shop current situation, where have a corner, where have a pillar. you can be based on the shop floor plan to make a new layout. the four sides at the wall, you can do some high wall display shelves, in the middle, you can so some small display station. can make it square, round shape. arc-shaped and more, try to make it fit the whole shop layout.

The second is the whole store decoration design. it can modern or luxury. the whole shop interior furniture can match it. it’s necessary to add some gold stainless steel decoration. some white, brown color also is a good choose.

The third is to add some light decoration on it, for each display will have the spotlight or led light strip, also add some light box, luminescence acrylic logo. it can make the whole store looks very attractive.


Appropriate placement of some advertising, leaflets. also can add some online message introduce. Launch some special packages to attract customers’ attention.

Thanks for your time and reading, Unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the design and customized depending on the personal requirement. if you’re interested to start a jewelry shop. or need more related information, please feel free to contact us here, we will provide a good design and best service.

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