How To Make A Perfume Shop Design?

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Perfume as a modern fashion item, no matter for men and women, is quite popular. Some people will choose to buy online, but this also has the disadvantage, is only to buy back to know what you buy is taste. Before you get it, the only way you know is through reviews. So the perfume store is very necessary at this time. So, how to decorate the perfume shop? What are the key points we need to pay attention to? Let’s take a look at the following content about perfume shop design.

Above all, determine the theme that the perfume shop decorates. Store decoration theme is an important part of the store atmosphere, the choice of decoration theme should match the products you want to sell, to attract the attention of target customers. If your store is located next to the sidewalk, you can install an awning to block the hot sun into the store, but also for passers-by to shelter from the sun and rain, so that more customers stop by your store, into store to choose goods.

According to the characteristics of the style of the display of perfume to choose the style of the perfume display cabinet, but generally, the style of modern simple wind is better, simple wind and perfume fragrance combination, give a person new intuitive understanding.

Next, if perfume shop decoration design, can use bright gold or bright black color. These colors are very elegant, and more suitable for the style of the perfume shop, and the perfume shop can put some samples on the counter for customers to try the fragrance. Decorate perfume shop can build the atmosphere of a kind of romantic warmth, use warm colors as far as possible, suggest perfume shop uses light blue decorate a style, the mirror is installed behind perfume bottle, this way can appear storefront whole effect is bigger.

The first is the spatial structure, can not be arranged too crowded, can not waste space, lighting effect must be better. Perfume store should be the bigger the better, must have enough space to show.

Perfume shop decoration color should be personalized, but pay attention to coordination with accessories, try to choose light colors that are easy to match with accessories.

Perfume shop shows not necessarily must be much, can adorn article the space that uses partition shop, also accomplish the effect that shows at the same time.

Perfume store door to attract customers, the door pays attention to the color and size ratio, to consider the brand image design requirements of color match.

If it is a brand product, the corporate image background of jewelry is best to set in the center of the store entrance can be seen, highlighting the corporate image. After all the patterns are settled, POP ads can be in corner positions or dead space, etc.

Don’t play deafening music, music itself can create an atmosphere, but appropriate, gentle and elegant music, can make customers linger, and increase the stay time of customers in the store, thus increasing the possibility of consumption.

Perfume shop decoration design needs to follow what principles:

1  The store requires unique design, on the one hand, ingenious use of space to design each brand perfume showcase, on the one hand, reflects the high-end luxury style of the store.

2  The shop face design and color should be high-grade, fashion, eye-catching for the purpose, light box design requirements for Alec light box or Alec word, installed on the door head or side can be.

3  Both sides of the door can be designed as exhibition cabinets, perfume brands for more than 10, the exhibition area can be connected, but it is better to be independent.

The direction of the column can be tilted to the door (where the customer can see the perfume) is best. The counter is set in the depths of the shop, behind which a small amount of perfume is seen as a symbolic product of the shop.

4  The design of the store is of a high standard and strict requirements, which is intended to highlight the effect of resplendent and dazzling so that customers can feel both grade and fashion-forward.

5  The effect of the store decoration is the first element. High-grade materials can be used for design, especially the use of lighting and glass, please be sure to highlight the effect.

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