How much is the kiosk price,cart price & store fixtures cost ?


We mainly doing customized products, so we do not have a fixed price for certain products, but there are mainly two factors that affect the cost–Size & Material. Therefore, here’s range cost

The different sizes will cost different labor to do it and will use different quantities of materials. In order to help our client set up a budget here give a rough idea of the kiosk & cart cost.

Retail Cart | Food Carts

  • $1800-$3500

Mall Kiosk

  • Under 100 Square ft (10*10ft,6*8ft,8*10ft) price range:$3500-$5500
  • Under 150 Square ft (10*15ft,12*12ft,10*12ft,)price range: $5500-$8500
  • Size Over 150 square ft (15*15ft,15*20ft ) price range: $8500-$15500

Outdoor Kiosk  (Width under 2.2 Meter)

  • Size 3*2.2 meter price range:$ 8000-$12000
  • Size 4*2.2 meter price range:$10000-$14000
  • Size 5*2.2 meter price range:$12000-$16000

Width Over 2.2 Meter

  • Size 3*3 meter price range:$ 11000-$15000
  • Size 4*3 meter price range:$ 13000-$18000
  • Size 5*3 meter price range:$ 15000-$20000

(If kiosk width over 2 meters or length over 5.5 meters can not fit into shipping containers, designers will separate into two parts  and prefabricate then join together. will raise the cost  )

In China, Material has different standards. A normal one and high-grade ones cost difference are huge. Typically, High-grade material cost is 20-30% higher than common ones.

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