Dragon Breath Kiosk

Dragon Breath Kiosk, Dragon Breath Ice cream kiosk design, Dragon Breath station

Dragon Breath Kiosk  is a very interesting mall kiosk business ideas. Many people do not heard of this type of kiosk ideas , but actually it turn out a dark horse.  Dragon Breath Kiosk is a certain type if ice cream kiosks , as we have seen that gelato kiosk is also a type of ice cream kiosks , Dragon Breath is more magic and more interesting ?

Dragon Breath is small ball of ice cream made in low temperature Liquid nitrogen, so some people will call it Liquid nitrogen ice cream , but Dragon Breath is more lively because when you eat the ice cream , you mouth and nose will coming out white ” smoke” like dragon is breathing ,very interesting .

Unique Kiosk is professional mall kiosk manufacture ,we provide dragon breath kiosk design and best price for it .

Dragon Breath Kiosk in mall – Unique and interesting mall kiosk business ideas.

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