For detailed analysis about customers shopping mall kiosk design fees!

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Customer kiosk mall on design fees, China UNIQUE display design manufacturers usually evaluated according kiosk face size, structure complex process that much more difficult design appropriate fee income. Design fee is prepaid, if we ideas UNIQUE kiosk pay design fees, no matter how many times halfway modify, and let customers think satisfaction, shopping mall examination and approval process so far, but the final design fee is deducted production costs go into the counter, so He said the design fee income does not exist.

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So, for design fees, many customers do not want to pay, you think I’m doing in this closet, you of course free design. But the overall design industry perspective, this is a misunderstanding, there is no free design. A design kiosk face down, how much time fee, how much the idea of ​​fee, which is immeasurable. If designed to help you for free, whether it produced counters in our manufacturer workers? Not necessarily, so this is not exactly something we do not UNIQUE. Only the need for new and old customers prepaid design fees, which we discuss further below what programs and counters made.

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