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Mall kiosk production of different construction types of species counter, from the mall kiosk sectors of businessmen, often because they do not know the technical term, or simply can not ideographic caused some impact on communication when making kiosk surface decoration demand for production manufacturers kiosk, a kiosk franchise surface, based on current sales strategy and to kiosk kiosk surfaces were designed, cabinets and facilities generally require these types of features in the decoration: display function, display function, memory function, from next several features kiosk kiosk mall surface facilities construction types are:
1, self-contained shopping kiosk production configuration, and the configuration can not change its shape, the extension of this early kiosk more, of course, can be removed when not needed kiosk materials were made into integrated kiosk;
customized kiosk
2, the mall-type supporting structure kiosk production by the same combination of the size of five square faces cabinet, the cabinet side and then these random combinations to form a more active display area; may of course be made to the height of the side cabinet sizes free combination, since only five cabinet side surface, wherein the surface of a vacated may be small, large shopping mall kiosk charged side cabinet, easy storage;

4, mainly through the plug fitting mall kiosk production: the opening of different shapes and sizes of the plate and combined together by way of plug, typically have their own cabinet, horizontal plate groove plate, screens and the like;
5, can be folded mall kiosk production type, can be folded kiosk comparison figuratively as though it may be folded and kiosk large amount of space is folded into a book small area, easy to transport, store small space;

These are the mall kiosk production process used most often type of structure. The main analytical mall kiosk production counters or some type of construction franchise kiosk decoration encountered by plain language, enabling customers to make manufacturers to communicate and kiosk exchange.

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