Methods to identify quality custom stainless steel shopping mall kiosk!

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kiosk mall in life, particularly large number of applications, with wooden mall kiosk, kiosk mall stainless steel and so on. Then you know how to distinguish quality stainless steel shopping mall kiosk it! For stainless steel identification method would continue to kiosk the mall read on!
Material Type: stainless steel in the market kiosk counter design material aspects used more for 201 and 304 in two models, like Cartier stores, Tiffany shopping mall and other high-end shopping mall brand in the selection of the top stainless steel mall kiosk mostly use 304 stainless steel, the cost the use of stainless steel 304 shopping mall kiosk more than 201 made of stainless steel and 30% higher price. However, due to the 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel can not be seen from the surface of water do plating or electroplating in the end after it is 304 or 201 stainless steel (in the article, the author has described how to distinguish between two kinds of stainless steel 201 and 304, for details, click this link to see!), so the choice of material, we recommend customers to choose according to their own budget, if the budget is higher can choose 304 stainless steel, low-budget, by contrast can select 201 stainless steel.
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2, welding stainless steel, polished, quality patchwork
Full welding process is a professional kiosk production factories must use the home. Good shopping kiosk stainless steel welding treatment process uses a fully welded. The so-called fully welded stainless steel is to separate two at a distance from the first spot, and then welding on welding along gap!
Patchwork process in the production of stainless steel mall kiosk process is inevitable to do, patchwork better than straight lines, diagonal not bent, the overall look more aesthetic appearance.
3, the stainless steel plating is good or bad
4, stainless steel shopping mall kiosk the quality of assembly
There are many factors that determine the quality of the details of this kiosk during assembly. Including three big factor used slide glass and the adhesive plastic plate and evacuated stainless steel joint portion size.

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